Protecting your PC is rather like protecting your own health – and that of your family. If you don’t protect your health you go down with all sorts of horrible viruses. When you are sick with a virus, you find it difficult to do anything. When your PC gets a virus, it finds the same thing! It slows down considerably. Things seem to get sticky – in fact, just like you, your PC really doesn’t want to work properly when it gets a virus.

And that’s just if it gets a virus. Other nasty things such as identity theft can happen if you don’t protect your computer properly. Protection need not cost an arm and a leg. There are free versions of software that will protect your computer from viruses and free firewalls to help keep your privacy intact.

The only time you will not need virus protection for your PC is if you never connect to the Internet and are not networked to another computer that is. Think of the Internet as a busy city street. There are viruses floating around out there and your PC is sure to catch one eventually if you have not protected it.

Protection for your PC should also include protection of your email inbox. It is through email that computers often get a virus. And you will often receive fraudulent offers to do everything from money laundering to giving away their private details if you don’t have a good spam filter. If you get tired of receiving junk mail in your snail-mail box, you’ll surely get annoyed with all the junk mail that comes into your email inbox.

Of course you have a bin for your email and sometimes the junk is placed in there successfully. Other times it seems to slip through the filters. Some email programs are better than others in filtering out the junk.

You might wonder how people find your email address to send you their junk mail. If you have a website with your uncloaked email address on it, then it can be accessed by spyware. Once your email address is anywhere out in cyberspace, it can be found by robots designed to do that very thing.

If you don’t protect your computer, criminals can subject it to Remote Access Trojans (RATs) and access and destroy your files and worse, use your computer to attack others without you knowing. RATs may be hidden in software – especially if it is illicit. They can also be in email attachments or humorous icons that you are asked to click on. They can record your typing so that your private passwords can be discovered and they can do lots of other nasty things to you. So it is very important to protect your PC.


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